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The establishment of LDV Winery has been an exciting adventure and learning process.

From the first day when the property was acquired we have documented the journey of transforming our beautiful
land in southeastern Arizona into quality vineyards and a winery that is producing incredible wines. Every day we
learn something new about the land, weather, pests, water, and the process that we have documented in video
and written notebooks.

We believe strongly in sharing this knowledge with others in the winemaking profession or with those that are just
curious about grape growing and the winemaking process.
LDV Winery

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Memorial Day Wine Pairings - 46:06 minutes
This video is derived from LDV Winery's first Facebook live broadcast on May 15, 2017.
LDV Winery Owners/Winemakers Curt Dunham and Peggy Fiandaca discuss new wine releases, wine pairings, and simple tips for pairing for Memorial Day parties.

LDV Wine Gallery Tour - 2:22 minutes
Photo slide show put to music. Offers a visual tour of the LDV Wine Gallery.

Bottling 2013 Sky Island Viognier - 3:22 minutes
Winemaker Curt Dunham describes the bottling of LDV Winery' 2013 Sky Island Viognier.
Comments from Chiricahua Circle Members/Volunteers follow.

A Unique Spot - 2:06 minutes
Winemaker Curt Dunham describes the unique properties of the vineyard location and the influences on each vintage from year to year.

About Barrels - 1:24 minutes
Curt Dunham, winemaker with LDV Winery discusses the types of barrels used to age wine at the vineyard.

My Interest in Wine - 1:38 minutes
Curt Dunham, winemaker with LDV Winery share a story about his first experience with fine wine.

Tips on Aging Wine - 1:14 minutes
Curt Dunham, winemaker with LDV Winery offers tips on aging wine.

Wine Storage Tips - 1:37 minutes
Winemaker, Curt Dunham with LDV Winery offers information and tips on wine storage.

2012 Viognier - :48 seconds
Winemaker Curt Dunham shares the production philosophy behind LDV Winery' 2012 Viognier.

To Chill or Not to Chill - 1:32 minutes
Curt Dunham, Winemaker at LDV Winery offers serving suggestions for both red and white wines.

2013 Grape to Glass Symposium Slide Show, August 3, 2013 - 3:01 minutes
Slide show overview of the event at LDV Winery' 4th Annual Grape to Glass Symposium, August 2013. Photography and presentation by Chiricahua Circle Member, John Hersey.

2012 Sky Island Viognier, June 25, 2013 - :43 seconds
Curt Dunham, Winemaker shares the production highlights of the 2012 Sky Island Viognier.

Grape to Glass Symposium
The Inaugural Chircahua Circle Event August 28, 2010

Part 1 - Arrival, 7:20 minutes
Part 2 - Vineyard Tour segment 1, 11:00 minutes
Part 2 - Vineyard Tour segment 2, 14:10 minutes
Part 2 - Vineyard Tour segment 3, 14:40 minutes
Part 3 - Wine Tasting, 19:00 minutes


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